1981 / 2015
34 years

 Paris  Trumpet   Ensemble

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"A new page is being written in the long story of the Trumpet Ensembles"                        BRASS BULLETIN 

 "It is a jam-packed auditorium which has greeted the remarkable concert of the Ensemble de Trompettes 
  de Paris. Very great art, high virtuosity and great show. Thank you Sirs to present the Music in such a
  beautiful manner ".  
                                                                                                                ORNE HEBDO

"The brilliance and the burst of the Trumpets have not been used for flashy and resounding fanfares. It was in fact an attitude inclined to interpretation and hermeneutics which has predominated."  FORTZEIMER ZEITUNG

"With each new piece of the program, we had the impression to hear another Ensemble."    OUEST FRANCE  

"The Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris : the pleasure of playing and joking with the Music. Like the Greek God of poesy and song, they play their jokes in the Dionysian garden with a real talent. Whoso practices such a Music must own a great artistic level"                                                                                               RHEIN ZEITUNG 

" The Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris, or the Music in the wild or also the real life, the one which gather people from all horizons, all opinions around a large smile."                                              OUEST FRANCE 

" The Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris : the pleasure of playing and joking with the Music… Nobody wanted to lose one gesture or one sound… A big flake of fresh and sparkling colours, almost heady, with completely new shades. The Trumpet players got out thunderous applause in the Saint Blasien Convent hall." 

" The succession of different instruments and the use of various mutes offered a maximum range of sounds."   

" The cherry on the cake before leaving, a pleasant frenzy on Flamenco music where the soloists from prestigious orchestras enjoyed themselves like Pub’s musicians."                                                   LE MAINE
" In the room, we undergone the chock of a surprising new manner to receive the concert. The music reached us through the eyes as much as through the ears and we have vibrated, dreamed and laughed with ingredients unknown till now ".                                                                                         LA GAZETTE DES CUIVRES
" It is hard to imagine how EuTePe was going to act on this evening. We had been promised surprises and any suppositions were allowed. The five Trumpeters have demonstrated they master the sense of the show at 100% and they have not skimped over the means to seduce the public of the Hebertot Theatre who came numerous to state how they are the kings of the stage."                                                                                   MUSIQ'INFO
" Don’t worry, no fear, in God’s house the Artists know how to behave! Good mood and cheerfulness, vector of harmony and complicity between the five trumpeters, and hundreds of hands applauding in echo."   
                                                                                                                                             OUEST FRANCE
" If our five companions met a tremendous success, it is due as much to the interpretation as to the glow of sympathy they arose in the public. But let there be no misunderstanding about it, if this interpretation is accompanied with gags and jokes very appreciated by the public, these five men are not clowns ".  
                                                                                                                                           OUEST FRANCE
"And this crazy, crazy, crazy bet to play the Four Seasons by Vivaldi with a Trumpet!… Sublime and sumptuous."                                                                                                                       OUEST FRANCE
" It is with the arrangement of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi that the peak has been reached. A successful transcription, which, first, thanks to the succession of instruments, fluglehorn, traditional trumpet and piccolo, and also to the use of different mutes, offered a maximum of variety of sounds. Vivaldi with a new sonority and a very attractive one".                                                                                                            RHEIN ZEITUNG
" Many know the unpleasant sensation to hear in concert, again an again, a work too much famous. And it is particularly the case for the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Therefore, when an interpretation of this work enthusiasms the audience so unanimously, one must immediately remark the name of the Interpreter. With this interpretation of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, suddenly presented in such a completely different way, EuTePe has offered to the public unanimously enthu- siastic of the LandesMuseum a real rediscovery."    
" The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi are considered as the primary forms of the violin concerto. Consequently, it is surprising to see how the structures of the composition are interpreted with such a vitality by the Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris and the Baroque Masterpiece reshaped by the five instrumentalists. It is true that this success results from a perfect harmony between the members of the Ensemble who, according to the ambient tonality and the orchestration, are coming and going between the trumpet, the flugelhorn and the piccolo, passing from a typically soloist language to vigorous tutti parts. The result of the transcription appears as a serene unity in its musical diversity."                                                                PFORTZEIMER ZEITUNG
" Since the Ensemble has been playing this Re-creation of the Four Seasons Cycle by Vivaldi, for the first time it has became undoubtedly its quality label! The musical critics and the public of the numerous tours are enthusiastic and EuTePe meets an irresistible success. Through the contrasts and during the passages of tremendous difficulty, with phrases unimaginable with the Trumpet, the five musicians have demonstrated that the Vivaldi’s composition had lost nothing of the diversity of its ambiences, nor of its charm, with this arrangement."                                                                                                       MÜHLACKER TAGBLATT
" With transcriptions of Telemann, Vivaldi and Mozart, as well as original pieces for this rare group, the Quintet has proposed a really coloured programme. The success of the Ensemble is undoubtedly due to the quality of its Repertory and to its impetuous virtuosity but also to its musical and humoristic fantasy. The five trumpeters appeared to us as absolute and undisputed perfectionist of their instrument. The performance sold out since weeks ended with a long thunder of applause from the enthusiastic public of the Maulbronn Klosterkirche."     
" Everybody believed willingly, when listening to this arrangement of the Telemann’s Concerto, that the composer had really composed this Masterpiece for five trumpets and not for four violins". RHEIN ZEITUNG
" The concert was announced by a fanfare which, at first, could have given only but an impression of brilliant efficacy, but with this fanfare, the Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris demonstrated its perfect musicality as from the very beginning. It was the same with the interpretation of the 2nd Mozart Divertimento, arranged for three flugelhorns. The sound of this instrument being remarkably warmer than the one of the trumpet, the Mozart’s piece, in its natural purity, was, thanks to this delightful instrumentation, charming and elegant. After the intermission, one listened to another particular musical delicacy under the form of a transcription of the cycle of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi."                                                                                        BADISCHE ZEITUNG
" For certain people, it is the Repertory that has contributed to the success of the Group: it consisted in a successful mixture of original compositions and interesting arrangements of well-known works. For others, it is due to the high artistic maturity of the performance. The Musicians of the Ensemble have expressed at best the technical sovereignty we were expecting from them. Richness of expression, radiant sound of the ensemble, absolute rhythmic precision were present."                                                                         RHEIN ZEITUNG
" Further to the applauses of an enthusiastic public, the trumpeters performed for the encore a blazing original concert piece by the composer of the Renaissance, Samuel Scheidt"          PFORTZEIMER ZEITUNG
               Last evening in the abbey, the overture was blooming

        " It is not without a certain emotion that we have heard the triumphal voices of the organ and of the trumpets bursting majestically from the tribune"                                           L'EVEIL DE LA HAUTE LOIRE
Immediate entrance in the kingdom of all the Musics

"All began in fanfare, with the calls for the overture of the Abbey Concerts entrusted to the very young group "Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris", with Jean DEKYNDT playing the Organ, for a glorious extract of the sonata in D major by Henri Purcell. This premiere was admirably served by a group composed of five soloists from prestigious orchestras".
           Only one regret: such a perfect performance was too short
                               LA MONTAGNE

" The five trumpeters are able to transpose sounds apparently impossible. Halfshades made the trumpet sigh, murmur, sob. For these musicians, there is no sound formulation which does not exist on the trumpet ".                                                                                                                                    BADISCHE ZEITUNG

" The interesting piece by Mico NISSIM, 6 heures du soir au paradis, enraptured the audience. The argument is a debate between five persons about… religion. At the beginning all is serene, the partition is arranged on a quiet rythm, then the discussion intensifies with a jumble of sounds. Escalation of sharp sounds, use of mutes… The music is expressive, the divine intervention arranges everything and the splendid final solo gives suddenly a foretaste of the Paradise to the audience ".                                                                       OUEST FRANCE
" Reviving its most beautiful concourse suites, the Locoal Mendon Bagad plunged back in the atmosphere of the Coeff 116 record to create a link, even better, a real marriage with the Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris, with a breathtaking final (GALIMEUT)… At the end of this evening, all the musicians declared they would like doing it again, and also the audience."                                                                                            OUEST FRANCE 
" The best initiation to this crazy universe of the Bagadou will certainly take place on Wednesday at the Moustroir Halle with the Locoal-Mendon group, champion of Brittany in 1999. In addition to his band swinging to frenzy, the young master Andre LE MEUT will conduct the Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris before gathering his musicians for the final with about fifty trumpets recruited in the numerous schools of music of Brittany. If one had to attend only one concert..."                                                                                             LIBÉRATION 
 " Within the framework of the carte blanche he was granted by the Festival , Andre LE MEUT, The Pen Soner of the Locoal-Mendon Bagad, has created a show of which the quality is equalled by a creativity rich in unexpected links, with the particular complicity of the Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris."                  LE TÉLÉGRAMME
" Beyond the figures, the responsible of the Inter-Celtic Festival wants to remember the quality, the variety of the shows. Jean Pierre PICHARD, the director, especially mentions the carte blanche to Andre LE MEUT, with the Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris..."                                                 OUEST FRANCE (édition de Lorient) 
" The general public and above all young people feel closer and more concerned by these actors of today’s life. A certainly ineluctable evolution in a world of images, colors and rythms where everything moves at the speed of the light ".                                                                                                                     LA GAZETTE DES CUIVRES