1981 / 2016
35 years

 Paris  Trumpet   Ensemble

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eutépé est lauréat de la fondation Cziffra


The five musicians of the Ensemble have always been among the best french trumpet players, principal or ex principal trumpets of the greatest french Orchestras 
(Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Republican Guard, Paris Chamber Orchestra, Ars Nova, Paris Opera Orchestra, National Jazz Orchestra ... etc).The ensemble was the only one of this type in the world when it was created, on 1981.

eutépé is creating a new Concert Repertory for trumpet, very far form the booming and noisy fanfares: an amazing Repertory about all sorts of music : Classical Music, Contemporary Music, Traditionnal Music and Modern Jazz. eutépé is really a new sort of ensemble which can propose many options of concerts : on  Recital (the five trumpet players alone on the stage), with  special guest, or with various orchestras or vocal ensembles (string quartet, string orchestra, symphonic orchestra, wind band or brass band, bagad or pipe band, vocal ensemble, choir, or Jazz Groups ...). 


Les cinq trompettistes sont citoyens
 d'honneur de la ville de Missolonghi en
(cité dans laquelle est enterré Lord Byron)


Indisputed precursor, eutépé is a reference for many Trumpet or Brass players around the world. eutépé has played hundreds concerts in France and abroad, and was invited in a lot of Radio or Television shows. eutépé has also recorded six Cds 


     A real Music for the Concert. 


When eutépé was created in 1981, the very seldom Trumpet Ensembles existing in the World, most of the time occasional, devoted themselves to a Repertory mainly composed of Fanfares of all Styles and all Periods. The five Musicians of eutépé  decide right away to leave out this thundering aspect of the instrument and to invent a Repertory of Concert. Naturally at tracted by all the Musics, they are going to pass orders to Composers of all tendencies  (about 60 creations to this date) - among them several Musicians of Modern Jazz - and realise astonishing transcriptions of Works of the past (The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, Mozart’s Divertimenti, the Symphonies Sacrées des Indes Galantes by Rameau…) as well as arrangements  of various Musics (Jazz Standards… Ethnic Music… Movie Music… Fantasia Music...)

     An amazing Repertory...      
  After having focussed in a first time on the creation of a Repertory for Trumpet Ensemble alone (from the Duo to the Quintet), they more and more turned themselves to other instrumental formulae, provoking often unexpected meetings. They are now having at their disposal an amazing Repertory which surprises and seduces as much the Uninitiated as the Music Lover but also the Musicians (composers and interpreters, whatever be their instrument) due to its incredible diversity, its originality and its astonishing musicality.      
     An incredible Success with the General Public...  
     Indisputed precursors.      As from the first concerts, the PARIS TRUMPET ENSEMBLE,  also called "eutépé " met an incredible success with everyone (one must not forget that trumpet is the favourite instrument of the General Public). Within 20 years, the Ensemble performed hundreds concerts in France and Abroad (most of the performances sold out) which only but confirmed the full adhesion of the General Public to this original formula. eutépé  also participated in numerous Radio and Television broadcasts.   
  They have been able to develop an homogeneous sonority of great softness, poles apart from the preconceived ideas related to the instrument, and to demonstrate during each concert that a Trumpet Ensemble has now nothing to envy to the other Chamber Music ensembles.